The children loved watching the chicks hatch in our classroom.  The morning class was able to see the yellow chick hatching from it's shell.  And the afternoon class was able to see the black chicken hatch from it's egg.  The children debated and discussed names for the chickens and we decided as a group to take a vote in order to choose names.  The two names that received the most votes were, Chicky (black chick) and Copper (yellow chick).  Unfortunately, the chicks grew so quick and we knew that the chicks couldn't stay at school; so after watching our chicks grow for two week, Mrs. Sebastian took them to live on her family's farm.  

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The children began to show an interest in plants and gardening when Madison gave Ms. Shelton and Mrs. Sebastian a miniature flower planter for Valentine's Day.  We planted the small pots and waited for the seeds to sprout.  The children were so interested in observing the plants that we decided to plant pumpkin and sunflower seed too.  Each day we document and kept a journal of how the plants had changed.  
Becky made the suggestion of planting a flower garden on our playground.  We began discussing where we could plant a garden, what we wanted to plant, and what we needed to make the garden.  We decided on a safe place in the corner of our play ground and the children helped prepare the soil by pulling out weeds, picking out all the rocks, breaking up the dirt, and planting seeds and bulbs. 
Now all we have to do is watch and wait for the seeds to grow!